One-stop localization services

Upload your audio or video file and get a perfect transcript than can then be translated and recorded here.
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Have your documents translated into 76 languages. Best quality with professional translators or with the help of AI.
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Find your desired voice(s) for your production. More than 2,500 professionals in over 70 languages can be booked directly here.
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Your benefits
All in one
One platform - three localization services from a single partner: the realization of complex projects no longer requires further coordination of several service providers.
Data Security
All data is encrypted - both during transfer and where it is stored on our protected servers. Your files are securely stored and transmitted through TLS 1.2 encryption.
Fast Delivery Times
Project-related processes such as ordering, calculation or file management have been automated extensively, thus shortening the project runtime.
We can offer very attractive rates due to our large order volume. The calculated costs include all services such as voiceover fees, buyouts and project management.
Project Management
Our project managers will ensure a smooth realization. Simultaneous translation and dubbing in multiple languages shortens turnaround times.
Benefit from our years of expertise. With more than 25 years of localization know-how, we ensure that your projects are realized reliably, professionally and at the best possible price.
We are one of the largest professional providers of localizations of any kind

Our service simply supports you in the localization of any content. 

For example, you can 

1. upload your podcast. Once the transcription is complete, you can 
2. have the text translated. The translated script in turn forms the basis for 
3. professional dubbing. Select your voiceover artist(s) and shortly afterwards your podcast will be ready for further distribution in new markets.
What our customers say
Tom B.
Wie immer absolut zufrieden. Unser eLearning-Projekt in 10 Sprachen wurde innerhalb sehr kurzer Zeit umgesetzt. Die Übersetzung war ebenso überzeugend wie die Qualität des Sprechers. Brillant!
Mareen S.
Was, Sie sind schon fertig? Das ging ja superschnell!
Maik E.
DANKE für die Sprachaufnahmen und den extrem schnellen Service!
Frank G.
Wir arbeiten seit Jahren mit AIVOX zusammen. Ich kann sagen, dass ich bisher keinen vergleichbaren Dienst gefunden habe. Ich muss mir keine Sorgen um die pünktliche Lieferung machen. Bei AIVOX weiß man, wie man es macht!