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How it works
1. Upload

Simply upload your document. Our system calculates the number of words and thus the length of the recording.

2. Select language
Select the language of the document resp. the voiceover. Some languages differentiate between country-specific accents such as English UK | English USA: This ensures that your global audience is perfectly addressed.
3. Select voiceover
You can select one or more native voiceovers. We have developed a small audio player so that you can listen to the voice samples. So turn on your speakers! After you have completed the casting process by clicking the "Confirm selection" button, continue with ...
4. Optional editing
If you want to receive individual edited and named files, you must select this field. It is important that the file names are clearly and unambiguously included in the document! 
5. Calculate price
The calculated prices are final prices. They are made up as followed: Basic fee, the costs for the voice recordings according to the calculated length, plus a flat rate per selected voiceover and - if selected - the costs for the individual editing of the files according to specification.
6. Start of production
After completion of your order, our AIVOX Voiceover project managers will take over your production. If we have any questions, we will contact you by e-mail. We will contact the selected voiceovers directly and send them the script and briefing. If there are no further questions, the voice production will be started. After usually 3-5 days you will receive your desired voice recording. We will save the file(s) in your AIVOX account and inform you by e-mail. It's that simple.
Our expertise, your benefits
Trusted partner network
We only rely on the best: our network partners consist of recording studios, speakers and directors. We have been working together successfully for many years and have implemented several hundred projects together.
Transparent pricing
Only pay for what you have ordered: our transparent pricing structure is self-explanatory. It is based on three components: The length of the recording, the number of voiceover artists and whether you would like to have individual files cut.
Professional voice talent
Our speakers are all accent-free native voiceovers. We work exclusively with trained professional speakers, actors and directors.
Ready for the extra mile
Ready to go the extra mile: if you want more services such as lip-syncing, music or sound design, write us a message. We will be happy to make you an offer.
The importance of voiceovers

In fact, audio is on the rise in today's world. Things like voice-commerce, voice-search, streaming and voice assistants are currently en vogue and enjoy rapidly growing popularity. A professional voice is therefore more important than ever, because it gives your product, image video, podcast or e-learning its own identity and thus creates an emotional link to the target groups.

In order to meet the increasing demands of international markets, the above-mentioned media formats should then also be perfectly adapted to the target audiences in terms of language. We have a well-established global production network that gives us access to technical and artistic resources in the shortest possible time. Our international partners also take over quality assurance due to their country-specific know-how.


Podcasts are used by more and more companies to position themselves as particularly modern and innovative and to increase sales. A study gives confidence: 300,000 listeners were asked about advertising in podcasts and 63 % said they had already bought a product advertised in a podcast. It can therefore be strategically very interesting to deal with the topic of podcasts. The development of podcasts is only just beginning and first movers usually have advantages over competitors who do not recognize the signs of the times or recognize them too late. We would be happy to support you with your podcast production.

Explanatory videos

Short videos are also very popular for companies, as they are one of the best ways to increase sales. When videos are included in marketing campaigns, the conversion rate increases by 34 %. To get the attention of potential customers, you need to speak their language! How good that you can choose your own voices and book them directly with us.


What has been working for a long time with explanatory videos, podcasts or audiobooks can also support e-learning excellently, because over 90 percent of communication takes place via body language and voice!  Voiced e-learnings attract the attention of users and make your content easier to understand. We have carried out numerous multilingual e-learnings and know the challenges of successful localization.